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Commercial storage for interior designers

Most creative designers who have been in the industry for some time already know the importance of having a good storage unit for objects and furniture for existing and new projects. If you’re looking for commercial storage for interior designers in the Treasure Coast area, keep on reading!

As a designer, you’re a creative individual, so the best part of the job is deciding how the room will look and setting everything up to match (or surpass) your vision. However, the steps needed to get from paper to real life can be a hassle. And when items start to arrive and clutter up while you get everything needed to transform the room, you can get stressed out because of the chaos and your client can get impatient.
To keep the room empty and your client happy until all the shipments have arrived and you can start decorating, you can adapt a pre-existing space in your home for this purpose. But this solution may not work for everybody. Maybe you don’t have the extra space. Or maybe you do, but you have many projects and things start to clutter up… again.

That’s where commercial storage comes in. Renting a warehouse or storage space allows you to receive shipments for your different projects, store them in an organized manner and have them moved to your client’s space when the time comes, all without breaking a sweat.
Not only will you get help with all the logistics, but you’ll also receive a space that’s much better suited for storing valuable items than any room in a regular home could be. Storages are usually large enough to allow you to group items for your different projects without mixing them up, and they will be in a controlled environment where they are not exposed to weather, staining, or your pet’s paws and claws.

Sounds interesting? Sure does! But where can you find a trustworthy commercial storage facility for interior designers?

If you live in Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach, Vero Beach, Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach, All Area Moving and Storage is your solution!

All Area Moving and Storage is a family owned and operated company, fully licensed and insured. Located in the great state of Florida, we serve the Treasure Coast and all Areas of Florida, as well as nationwide for all your moving needs.

We offer full-service storage for interior designers in our climate-controlled facility until you are ready for the install. We handle small and large commercial moves, keeping your down time to a minimum. Whether your move is dock to dock or door to door, we have you covered.
Schedule a free consultation to explore the best options for you. Contact us by phone or email, or visit our website for information on our other services. With All Area Moving and Storage’s commercial storage for interior designers, no job is too large or too small!

Phone: (772) 468-7273

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